Hospital Staff

Nebraska Organ Recovery's mission is a shared mission with our hopsital partners—to save lives.

Collaboration between NORS and the medical professionals in hospitals plays a vital role in supporting grieving families and recognizing patient wishes regarding donation, ultimately leading to life-saving and life-enhancing transplantation.

To make a referral for organ, tissue and eye donation, please call  800-925-0215.

Your Role

Saving and enhancing lives begins with you. Understanding donation criteria and referring patients to Nebraska Organ Recovery in a timely manner is essential to making donation possible and ensuring your organization complies with CMS standards regarding donation.

When it comes to your role in referring patients for donation, just remember ICARE.

  • Identify potential referrals.
  • Call early, call often. The referral number is 800-925-0215.
  • Aid NORS in assessing suitability.
  • Refrain from discussing donation with the family.
  • Ensure the opportunity for donation is preserved:
    • SBP > 90
    • UO 1-3 cc/kg/hr
    • NA ≤ 155
    • Glucose ≤ 200

For in-depth information regarding the donation process, please view our donation guide.


Organ, tissue and eye donation is regulated by a number of state and national agencies. The purpose of these regulations ranges from when to make referrals to who can provide consent for donation. Below are the regulations that impact Nebraska healthcare professionals.

Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS)

The Joint Commission

  • TS.01.01.01 & TS.02.01.01 (available through the hospital manual purchased by your organization.)

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act