Donor Family Resources

In the midst of your loss, we hope that donation has provided comfort and been a source of pride and hope for you. Nebraska Organ Recovery is committed to honoring your loved one's generous gift and providing support for you in the days and months to come.

Call 402-733-1800 to speak with our Aftercare team for support or information at any time.

Aftercare Program

Donor families are invited to take part in our Aftercare program. In the 13 months following donation, Nebraska Organ Recovery will send periodic mailings with information about recipients, grief support materials, and remembrance momentos to honor your loved one's gift. You'll also have the opportunity to provide feedback on your donation experience. During that time, please update us if you move or change your phone number. 

After my brother passed, I was extremely impressed with the aftercare program my family was put into. The education and resources provided to us and the specific information related to the donation itself was amazing to have. And I wear my brother's donation pin on my badge every day I go into work.

The fact that something good could come out of something so terrible has brought tremendous comfort to me. It has helped me heal and grieve knowing that the lives of others were either saved or improved thanks to my brother. 

- Becky VanWinkle, sister of donor John Czapla

Recipient Updates & Communication

Want to know more about the recipient's of your loved one's donation? Learn how to get updates and write to them.

Honoring Your Loved One

Your loved one left a legacy of love through donation. Find out how you can pay tribute to their gift.