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Collaboration Is a Priority for Nebraska Organ Recovery and Douglas County Coroners

The ability to work together toward the common vision of saving more lives will soon become easier for Nebraska Organ Recovery and the Douglas County Coroner’s office. 
With the completion of Nebraska Organ Recovery’s new building in January, both offices will play host to spaces within the new construction on Leavenworth. 
Working toward collaboration,… Read More

Donated Tissue Contributes to Hope, Healing for Breast Cancer Survivors

Scary. Shocking. Life-changing.

These are just a few words Kara Elliott and Stella Chow used to describe their breast cancer diagnoses.

Their fears were mutual, but their journeys very different.

Ultimately, a small part of their healing and paths forward came from an unexpected source.

Following mastectomies, both women underwent breast reconstruction. After considering their options, they opted for implant… Read More

Shirley Kramer’s Unbreakable Heart: Still Beating Strong after 27 Years

An adult’s heart beats somewhere between 60 to 100 beats per minute. Average that out to 80 beats per minute and Shirley Kramer’s heart has pumped and pulsated more than 1,136,907,800 times.

That’s no small feat for an organ on its second go-round.

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Double-lung recipient embraces second chance at life

Thanks to his organ donor, Eric Horpedahl lives a full life that includes planning a wedding and even the ability to do exercises as simple as riding a bike. At 32 years old, he even participated in Omaha’s Fight for Air Corporate Cup 2-mile course and 10K in September and the 2018 Donate Life 5K & Heroes Walk in April.

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After two transplants, kidney recipient fulfills lifelong dream of becoming a mother

Overwhelming joy filled Amber and Adam Kudrna's hearts just hours after their son was born last week. 

But what makes Lane William David Kudrna’s birth even more special for his parents was the fact that he fulfilled Amber's dream of becoming a mother, something she didn't know for certain could happen at all — considering she’s a… Read More

School Presentations Available Through Nebraska Organ Recovery

This year, it is Nebraska Organ Recovery’s goal to visit as many schools in Nebraska as possible to help educate our youth about the question they will answer when they sign up for their driver’s license: Will I be an organ and tissue donor? 

Anyone over the age of 16 can register to be a donor, and… Read More

Lincoln E.R. Doctor Dances Her Way Through Donation Awareness, Raises $6,000

Any time Alison Benson can bring a sense of comfort and redemption to a family, it’s a good day.

That’s because the most difficult part of her job is giving bad news.

Alison is an emergency room doctor and knows first-hand how difficult it can be for loved ones to lose someone close to them.

On a regular basis, she… Read More

Donation after 60: Five Truths about Giving the Gift of Life

More than 114,000 people are waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant. The lives of these individuals depend on others stepping forward to offer a second chance at life through organ and tissue donation. Approximately 56% of eligible Nebraskans are registered as donors, but at age 60, that number decreases to 45% and continues to decline for older ages.

That decrease… Read More

Today, Kindergarten. Tomorrow, the World: Heart Recipient Celebrates Milestone First Day

On Aug. 16 Elliot Sazama walked through the doors of St. Paul Elementary School for his first day of kindergarten. It was your typical first day of school — a new backpack, school supplies, picture-happy parents and plenty of excitement.

But the journey to this day was anything but typical.

“I remember when he was a baby and seeing posts… Read More

‘She’s still here’: Sarah Roots’ family meets her heart recipient on his 64th birthday

On Dan Griffin’s most recent birthday, he turned 64. But another part of him felt 24 years old.

“I kind of like to think the 24 part is leading the way,” he said Sunday afternoon in Elba, Neb.

That part is Sarah Root – the woman whose heart was donated to Dan after she died in a car accident about… Read More

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