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Thank you for considering becoming an organ, tissue, and eye donor. Please read the following carefully and complete the requested information to join the Donor Registry of Nebraska.

We also encourage you to learn how the donation process works or call 402-733-1800 with any questions you have about donation.

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Donor Registry of Nebraska Statement of Anatomical Gift

It is my desire to join the Donor Registry of Nebraska. Upon my death, I authorize the organ and/or tissue recovery agency and its authorized representatives to remove all recoverable organs, eyes, and tissues from my body for the purposes of transplantation, therapy, research, and education or, as restricted by me below.

By joining the Donor Registry of Nebraska, I understand and authorize the following:

  • Recovery of my donated organs and tissues may be conducted at surgical facilities designated by the organ and/or tissue recovery agency.
  • The organ and/or tissue recovery agency will obtain and share with necessary entities that are involved in the donation and transplantation process copies of their complete medical record, emergency response records, coroner and autopsy reports, photographs and other imaging, and samples of my tissue, including but not limited to, spleen, lymph nodes and blood, as necessary for screening, archiving, and infectious disease testing to ensure medical suitability and compatibility for transplant. These results may be the basis for not using my organs and tissues for transplantation and/or therapy. Recovery agencies will access and release my medical information only as necessary or required by law or regulation.
  • The organ and/or tissue recovery agency will make reasonable efforts to minimize any changes to my appearance or delay funeral arrangements. Recovery agencies will return my remains to my family or other authorized representative(s).
  • Neither my next of kin nor my estate will receive monetary compensation or other valuable consideration for my gift.
  • The organ and/or tissue recovery agency shall be responsible for those expenses directly related to the recovery and donation process. Recovery agencies will not reimburse medical or other expenses not directly related to recovery or donation.
  • To achieve and maintain medical suitability for organ recovery, medications and procedures including but not limited to, heparin, vasodilators, blood products, central line placement and bronchoscopy may be necessary.
  • Tissues may be used in reconstructive and/or cosmetic procedures.
  • Not for profit and/or for profit organizations may be involved with facilitating my gift, including the possibility of organs and/or tissues being distributed and used internationally in accordance with accepted medical, legal, and ethical standards.
  • I understand that authorizing and acknowledging this statement electronically has the same effect as signing a written statement.
  • I am at least sixteen (16) years old.